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Aluminum rims for Porsche golf trolleys

Neudert – Aluminum rims for Porsche golf trolleys

Fascination Porsche - Porsche drivers are passionate. You feel the power that comes from this brand and identify yourself as a "Porschean".

It is not surprising that Porsche is therefore also active in areas other than motor vehicles. There is Porsche fashion, jewelry in the Porsche design and also sporting goods and much more.

After intensive use it happened, a broken rim of a golf trolley. Unfortunately, the original plastic rims could no longer be delivered, and you would not be a Porsche driver if you were satisfied with plastic - real aluminum rims in the Porsche design must be mounted on a Porsche trolley.

Neudert met this requirement. Made of high-quality aluminum, anodized to withstand all weather influences, these high-quality aluminum rims can achieve the highest cornering speeds and breathtaking accelerations of the trolley - as is customary for a Porsche.

Neudert - Have a good trip on all sides.