devices developed by Neudert

Bottle twister

Neudert - Bottle twister - So that the replenishment works

A partner of ours packs its liquids and pastes in bottles. He has recently received them, wrapped in foil, standing upside down. Somehow the bottles have to be separated, but if possible without tying up a lot of capacity.

For this purpose, a bottle twister was developed and built by Neudert. Flanged to the singler, it offers a stable hold.

The packages with bottles are placed in a tub provided for this purpose and the film is cut all around on the upper side.

Then you push the box into the rotating unit and turn it 180 °

After turning, pull out the box on the other side and remove it together with the film. Now the bottles are upside down and ready to be pushed into the singler.

Neudert - bottle twister - a smart idea so that the bottles do not run out.