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Cutting machine for dog treats


Neudert - cutting machine for dog treats - so that "Bello" knows why he is barking


If "Commissioner Rex" caught a criminal, "Lassie" saved a child from an accident, or "Gromit" invented something with Wallace, our four-legged friends deserved a reward. There are "dog treats", small snacks, packed in a bag, small flat plates in various shapes, just big enough to give our friend a small reward. These snacks were extruded as a long strand, which was then passed through ovens for baking and drying before being cut into small pieces with a cutting machine.

For this you need a suitable cutting machine. Developed by Neudert, this device is tailored to all of our customer's needs. Depending on the extrusion speed, the machine cuts precisely thick pieces to match its extruder paths. Equipped with a roller conveyor suitable for the customer's transport boxes, transportable and space-saving, the machine combines all the wishes that this customer has. Made entirely of stainless steel, the machine meets all the requirements that are common in the production of food.

As a machissimo project, fully tailored to customer requirements, other cutting machines can of course differ fundamentally from this. Conveyor belts, specific feeders, fixed installations or whatever our customers' hearts desire can be implemented as desired.

Cutting machine for dog treats, so that man's best friend also gets his deserved reward.