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Deep drawing tools


Neudert - your specialist for thermoforming tools for plastic film forming


Neudert has many years of experience in the manufacture of deep-drawing tools with which plastic films are shaped. And also through years of cooperation with various machine manufacturers such as Hassia Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH, Bosch, CDE or others who e.g. Manufacture form, fill and seal machines for milk products, Neudert was able to acquire excellent know-how in the manufacture of deep-drawing tools. And there is almost no limit here, whether molds with integrated knives for marking or folding corners, vacuum systems for holding labels, applying banding, sealing welding of cooling systems in non-weldable material, surface processing, polishing for transparent trays and much more has become common realized at Neudert.

To produce these plastic cups, a film is heated from a roll and brought with air (vacuum or blown air) to a deep-drawing tool that has the desired geometry. As the tool is cooled directly, the warm foil solidifies and the cup is ready.

Neudert - your specialist for deep drawing tools


Well known, the Müller yogurt with the corner



Mold for cups with Banderole; including lettering on the side



Everybody knows this wave - also a mold for cups with banderole including a swing in the base stamp


If you need a little more, the large quark cup, of course with side beads for stabilization