Repair / overhaul devices developed by Neudert

fine grinding a sealing roller

Neudert - Fine grinding of a sealing roller

Sealing tools are units with which film-based packaging is joined together. For example, a lid is placed on a cup, two films are sealed to form a bag, or a folded-over film is joined to form a tube.

Flat pouches are made by pressing 2 films together at four edges with two flat sealing plates using pressure and heat. The material fuses and the bag is made.

A large number of pouches can be made in a short time by not using sealing plates, but similar to paper printing, using a machine that has rotating tools. However, these tools must be very precise.

Neudert has taken the existing sealing rollers for a customer and reworked the inaccurate sealing surfaces so that the rollers fit together with an accuracy of a few µm (micrometer = 0.001mm).

Neudert - rotation with high precision

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