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Milling cutter exempt grinding machine

Neudert - milling cutter exempt grinding machine - So that you can continue working at short notice

Exempting milling tools is always an issue. Here the area above the cutting edge up to the tool holder is ground smaller than the cutting diameter. So you can work deeper with this tool.

Certainly, every dealer of milling tools offers this service. You only have to indicate this when ordering the tool, then it will take a day longer for the tool to be delivered, but it is optional.

But what does reality look like?
If the operator has a broken tool in the late shift and needs another cut mill, this service does not help him. He needs the exempted tool NOW and not 1-2 days later.

This is how the idea of ​​a milling cutter exemt grinding machine came about.
- Compact design - fits in every workshop
- Easy to use, without control, everything mechanically and self-explanatory
- 2 grinding wheels - 1x for HSS tools, 1x for HM tools
- Long tools can also be exempted
- Integrated suction protects the operator and the surrounding machines
- Tool clamping via chuck, SK-40 holder or similar, as desired
- and much more

Do not hesitate and get in touch with us. We are happy to answer any further questions.

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