Repair / overhaul

Overhaul of a slotting machine

Neudert – Overhaul of a slotting machine / Planing machine

Planing or slotting has its right to exist even today. Thin boards made of difficult-to-work material can often only be obtained with a reasonable parallelism and a reasonable flatness using the planing process.

But what to do if you need a machine for it?

Today, new planes are still being built in China and India. But do you really want to use these machines in a production that is supposed to work effectively? The shortcomings of the construction there are too obvious.

A planer, built in Germany, is now only needed.

On display is one of the most recently built Klopp planing machines in Solingen, built in the mid-1980s. The geometry of the machine was still very good. But the optics and the mechanics as well as the electrics showed great potential. The machine was cleaned down to the last screw, repainted, wear parts replaced and reassembled. After the electrical system had been revised, the machine was subjected to a detailed test before being able to resume production.

The planer before overhauling at the machine dealer

The planer after overhauling