machines according to customer development

Pipe pressing machine

Neudert - pipe pressing machine - if it should work with "high pressure"


A customer who deals with the topic of pipes and hoses has thought about how these components can be connected. For this there are presses on the market, all of which work on a hydraulic basis. And that sparked his ambition.

The result was a press that allows the jaws, which are completely concentrically arranged mechanically, to move together evenly with the same pressure. Driven by a servo motor, the motion sequences are implemented via curves and slopes. A simple unit is provided for the control, and complex, costly installations with oil or air are eliminated.

The prototype of the machine was completely realized at Neudert according to the customer's drawings. Connections were successfully established on the new basis, which were then further tested and evaluated in the research and development departments.

Neudert - if it should be high pressure.