Repair / overhaul

Pouch machine


Neudert - mechanical overhaul of a tubular bag machine

Everybody knows that situation: The old machine has failed again. Not enough accuracy in the axes any more, bearings getting imprecise. Tolerances are becoming more and more difficult to keep. The machine stops more and more frequently.

The machine manufacturer has not been around for years. Sometimes it happens that the manufacturer of the machine has no interest in bringing old machines back to Vordemann. And if he does, then he pays very well, you almost get a new one ...

Surely you have already experienced something like this.

Neudert offers the solution.

In the example shown, the customer deliberately only wanted a mechanical overhaul. Every movement was checked, corrected and readjusted. Optical works such as painting etc. have been deliberately excluded. The customer received a mechanically reconditioned form, fill and seal machine that has been working reliably since then, with no downtime.