assemblies developed by Neudert

Pump housing

Neudert - pump housing e.g. for eccentric screw pumps - so that the "goop" is transported

Eccentric screw pumps are required in order to be able to convey liquid to highly pasty, viscous products with and without piece parts reliably and precisely.

However, the application in which the pumps are used is not always the same; special shapes and special connections are always required.

The pump housings from Neudert are food-safe and have an optimized design for easier and more hygienic cleaning. Edges where dirt can settle have been eliminated. The connections or dimensions of the pump can be designed according to the needs of the customer.

Do not hesitate if you want to pump something but your pump does not meet your requirements. Get in touch with Neudert. We bring your "goop" where it should be.

Pump housing with square, straight flange, sealed with an O-ring. Screwed on with hexagon screws

Pump housing with round flange, sealed with an O-ring. Screwed on with hexagon screws. Additional connections for emptying or an angled connection for optimal cleaning of the seal towards the engine. Lateral screw-in flange for idle sensor

(Kopie 8)

Pump housing with round flange with round thread