assemblies according to customer development

Ready-to-install assemblies - plate station

Neudert - Ready-to-install assemblies - plate station

As a mechanical engineer, you strive to continue growing and to offer your customers more volume and more options. But that is easier said than done.
You are also struggling with the problem of finding good, qualified employees. Or they are reaching the limit with their buildings and cannot provide any further assembly areas. Or your machine capacity is not sufficient to be able to finish more parts. Or the administration (purchasing, organization, AV, etc.) reaches its capacity limits.

Then Neudert is your right partner for you.

With just one line in an order, you order complete assemblies or machine components according to your own developments and receive them ready for installation a short time later. Everything that would be required in terms of organizational effort is taken over by Neudert - the complete production of all individual parts, surface treatments, purchasing parts, organizational and administrative activities and the assembly of the complete assembly.

Neudert - ready-to-install assemblies, lifted into the machine with 4 screws and off you go. The cheap alternative for you.

As an example, you can see several disk stations. These are assemblies that move panels up and down. In this way, intermediate materials are pressed on. The basic frames are aluminum parts made of high-strength aluminum, hard-coated. The drive levers are stainless steel. The entire organization, the provision of the cast parts according to the customer's specifications, the complete production including surface treatments and the assembly were carried out by Neudert, the customer receives ready-to-install assemblies.