machines developed by Neudert

Roller belt machine

Neudert - roller belt machine - pin in the eyelet and ball bearing on it

One day we had a business partner visit. He came to our office and sat down at the conference table as usual to have a coffee.
Then he put 2 tapes on the table with 24 eyelets punched out. Also a couple of pins and a couple of ball bearings. He leaned back in his chair and said: “Mr. Neudert, a pin has to be inserted into each eyelet and a ball bearing on the right and left. I would like a tape to be finished every 2 minutes.

(Kopie 3)


The result was a "pin in the eyelet and ball bearing plug-on machine"


The belts are placed in a device by hand, pens come in a pot and the ball bearings, which are delivered in rolls, are placed in a trough. The door is closed and a belt is completed within 2 minutes.

The belts can be found in the curved handrails of escalators, where the black handrail is deflected by 180 ° before it runs back into the floor.

At the request of the customer, the machine was designed low so that it can be used in a production facility where people with walking difficulties work in a wheelchair.