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Roller stand

Neudert – Fleece roller stand - a big thing

A fleece is processed in one machine. The machine processes several rolls because it is designed for several webs.

However, it makes sense to always have a suitably large supply of material. The larger the roll of raw material, the longer the machine that processes the material can run without interruption. Therefore it makes sense to work with one large role instead of several roles.

Another consideration is that the use of different individual roles also leads to increased downtimes. Individual reels expire at different times, since the overall length varies due to the different winding strength of the reels. Either you throw away the material of the other rolls and change all rolls as soon as the first runs out, or you accept that you have to stop the machine several times to be able to change a single roll.

This leads to an idea. If you have a single wide roll, you can wrap it larger in diameter before it becomes unstable. This means that more raw material is available and the machine runs longer. You then have to cut a large roll into different webs in the roller block. This means that all webs run out at the same time and you can change all webs at once and the machine then starts up again with fresh raw material on all webs without having to dispose of raw material residues.

In accordance with our customer's specifications, several such roller stands were developed and implemented by Neudert. All of the customer's specific requirements have been changed to suit his product, machines and local conditions. Due to the longer running time and the omission of more refills, the new roller stands made it possible to increase efficiency by 100%.

Neudert - Maschinissimo roller stands. These are really big things