Repair / overhaul

Saw - upgrade safety devices

Neudert - Retrofitting a CE marking on a saw - Safety comes first!

It is a special machine, a one-off, made by someone at some point. The machine makes your work wonderful, exactly what you need. There is nothing else on the market, especially since you don't need another machine. You have this here.

Only one thing does not fit: there is no CE marking.

This is exactly what Neudert was confronted with. It was about a miter saw that makes cuts for special parts. It works wonderfully, but at first glance you notice a few weaknesses when it comes to safety devices.

Neudert has now checked and corrected the security concept. So a few guards had to be reworked, a few switches now also check that the guards are attached. There was also something else to improve in the electrical system.

But much more important: The subsequent CE declaration of conformity documents the work safety of the machine and certifies that the machine can be used safely. All necessary documents were created by Neudert and a declaration of conformity was drawn up. The result was the desired CE mark on the machine.

Now you can safely do your work in the industrial environment and the machine operators are protected and insured against accidents.

Safety comes first!