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Stainless steel toothed belt wheels

Neudert – Stainless steel toothed belt wheels – Hygiene at the highest level

Many machines work in areas where hygiene is a top priority, e.g. in food processing or packaging, in pharmacy, chemistry and much more And drives with toothed belts and toothed belt wheels are also installed here.

However, many of these bikes are available as standard parts only in aluminum, or even only in stainless steel. Wheels made from these standard parts are in no way suitable for working in these sensitive areas.

Neudert produces a wide variety of bikes according to customer requirements, but made of stainless steel. Either after submitting the standard, or according to the standardization of the gearing. Additional requests such as special geometries in the wheels, flanged wheels where normally there are none, or other unusual requirements are no problem.

Special machine construction, just for special requirements, when there are no more standard parts.

Neudert - your specialist for stainless steel toothed belt wheels