assemblies developed by Neudert Repair / overhaul

Table top for sawing machine

Neudert - Table plate for sawing machine

When sawing parts with a band saw, the saw dips into the table below and leaves a clearance in the saw table. If the saw can cut miter, then you will find many clearances at a variety of angles.

The manufacturers of the saws carry of course as spare parts the whole table tops. However, with a table top almost as large as a Euro pallet, you can imagine the cost of replacing the table top.

For one customer, we developed an intermediate plate so that the customer can replace only a small plate in a few simple steps. Since the cost of the repair is only a fraction of the original cost, this repair can take place more frequently, which in turn increases the quality of the cut due to the better contact surface of the parts to be sawn.

Neudert - A win-win situation for all involved.



The original table top before repair. You can see the many cuts of the various saw angles. There is almost no support from below left for the parts to be sawn.


The table top after repair, equipped with an easy to install intermediate plate, which can be replaced with a new one in a few simple steps.