assemblies developed by Neudert

Trunk for Porsche tractor

Neudert – Trunk for a vintage tractor - everything is on its place

Did you know that a tractor that is no longer used as an agricultural vehicle but as a collector's item or classic car no longer needs a roll bar? Practical and beautiful at the same time.
But, as is usual with a car, you have to carry first aid kit and warning triangle with you.

And that was exactly what was not intended for the beautiful “Porsche Diesel” from a Neudert partner.

So the task was quickly defined: A bracket had to be created to match the mounting points available on a Porsche Diesel, of course painted in the typical car color red. There should be a lockable box on top, in which the warning triangle and the first aid kit would fit.

At the suggestion of Neudert, this “trunk” was then designed so large that a beverage crate and the snack would fit in it, so that physical well-being is also taken care of on longer trips.

Good trip on all sides!