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Neudert has been working in the third generation in the field of mechanical engineering since 1959. As a specialist who comes from practice, Neudert has in-depth know-how from which you can benefit.

Neudert is a specialist in development / designing:
Neudert has gathered development know-how in many projects from a wide variety of areas. "Think out often he box" is the strength in many areas that Neudert proves and from which you can benefit.

Neudert is a manufacturing specialist:
Thanks to the extensive in-house expertise of mechanical engineering at Neudert, you can fall back on know-how in the field of manufacturing. In this way, some requirements can be realized in the first place, or the design is rethought in order to make parts or assemblies easier to manufacture. Direct cost savings for our customers.

Neudert is a specialist in administration:
How do you set up a parts list, which hierarchy levels do you choose, what must be in an assembly etc… All points have an impact on the product and on the costs. Warehousing strategies, item movements, evaluations, etc.: only a well-set ERP system that is synchronized with the development can function optimally and reduce costs.

Neudert is a security specialist:
Occupational safety precautions and the appropriate documentation, declarations of conformity, procedural and work instructions, instructions with the corresponding plans. A must, so that your own production runs safely and effectively and therefore inexpensively.

Many areas in which you can benefit from our know-how. We look forward to working with you on your goals.

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