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We call Toolissimo the best tools and special parts, from the smallest bolts, to levers and blocks, up to large welded constructions.


You know what you need, you have a finished development, finished technical drawings - we manufacture the individual part, the assembly or the entire machine according to your developments

Neudert has particular knowledge and experience in the manufacture of tools for plastic film forming and in the most diverse parts for dosing systems with a high degree of accuracy. Neudert produces individual parts and small series.

In addition to mechanical processing, parts can also be surface-treated and completed with standard parts such as bushings, bearings, etc., right up to the finished machine.

The Toolissimi are mainly manufactured in-house. With 5-star quality, as Neudert understands, it is not the size of the part or the order volume that matters, but the quality of the customer relationship, which is based on mutual loyalty, trust and mutual joy, something new develop and manufacture.

Because the 5-star-quality should above all mean fun and joy for everyone involved.

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