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Cutting machine with singler

Neudert – Cutting machine with singler

A customer draws blisters on a thermoforming machine. 6 panels are drawn in one cycle, which are then cut in one piece in the machine with a knife. This strip with 6 blisters should now be cut and separated. An employee takes the strips and places them in a machine. The machine picks up the blister and draws it in. After separating the individual blanks, the 6 blisters are accelerated at different speeds and sorted one behind the other on an inclined plane. Now six individual blisters arrive one after the other for further processing.

The machine was designed to match the customer's blisters. The cutting machine is driven by an electric motor. The separator can be separated from the cutting machine in just a few simple steps if the blisters are only to be separated. Of course, the development was carried out taking into account all aspects required for occupational safety, and emphasis was also placed on ease of maintenance.


Cutting machine without flanged singler:

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Cutting machine with flanged singler: