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Neudissimo referces to the word "Neudert". Because the best piece that we have come up with will do the best service for you.


As a special machine builder who has been gaining experience for years, we have now combined our knowledge and combined our expertise in various projects. The result was Neudissimo - the best piece for you, developed and designed by Neudert.

So you can fall back on many years of experience, paired with the power of a special machine manufacturer. Standard requirements can be covered with a basic machine, special requests are taken over like a Machissimo project.

With this combination you always get the best result. Optimal in relation to mechanical engineering, optimal in terms of price / performance, optimal in terms of delivery time, optimal for you as our customer.

Neudert is looking forward to working for you. We enjoy it, we like to celebrate successes together.

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