Repair / overhaul

mechanical overhaul of a drilling machine

Neudert - mechanical overhaul of a multi-spindle drilling machine

She has drilled tens of thousands of holes, but now it is enough. The machine needs a vacation.

And the machine at Neudert fared similarly to a wellness holiday.

First it was cleaned. As with us people in the spa, treatment with a bath begins, chips and oil from the past have been removed on the machine. The paint was made visible again and the machine was brought back into shape optically.
Then it went to the massage. Where people's bones are constricted again, mechanical bearings were exchanged, shrunk shafts coated and reworked or completely replaced. The complete mechanics were checked and every movement was started again. Just as the back of the masseur often attracts the attention of humans, the main focus of the drill was on the complicated multi-spindle head. After a complete overhaul, it purred again like new, every rattling and rattling was eliminated.

Then it went to the renovations. Just as some women treat themselves to a new hair color, the machine got a completely new hydraulic system. Old controls and old valves have been replaced by branded products of the latest standards, thus ensuring both operational reliability and the supply of spare parts for the next few years.

After completing the work, the machine went back to work with fresh vigor, just as we can go back to work after a relaxing wellness day.

Here are a few impressions of how the machine looked before it was transformed.