devices developed by Neudert

packing device for cutlets

Neudert – packing device for cutlets –The slightly different bag

The desired end product was a bag in which a viscous paste was packed. But the bag should have the shape of a excalope, welded all around and punched out. Since it was a pre-series in small quantities with which the market was to be tested, no fully automatic system was sought, but rather hand-held devices to make production easier.

Neudert developed and manufactured various devices. In the first step, a normal transparent bag was sealed all around, except for a small piece, with a sealing plate in the shape of a cutlet. The paste could then be introduced through the small opening. Then the bag was hung in a device, the last piece was also sealed. The excess material was then cut off in the form of a scraper outside of the sealed seam with a band steel.

The devices were all operated manually with levers, the only control on the machine was that of heating the sealing tools. So everyone could do the work after a short briefing.

packing device for cutlets - the slightly different bag.