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Special grinding machine

Neudert - special grinding machine for ball bearing production - so that everything runs smoothly

A lot of know-how is required for the manufacture of ball bearings, especially miniature ball bearings and smooth-running bearings, but also a partner who translates the know-how into reality. In such a case, Neudert is the right contact.

Special machines for special grinding processes are often required within ball bearing production. Developed by the technology department of a well-known German ball bearing specialist, a grinding machine was designed that is designed for grinding ball bearing components. The machine is a special machine that can only be used for this special application. To date, no standard machine that is available on the market can meet this requirement.

This special machine was realized at Neudert. The complete production of the machine parts, the organization of the purchase part procurement and the mechanical assembly was carried out by Neudert. The electrical and electronic work was carried out by one of his partners according to customer requirements. Commissioned and organized by Neudert so that the customer no longer had to worry about it. The integration of the electrics into the mechanics was carried out at Neudert, so that the machine successfully completed its first test run and thus the acceptance test at Neudert.

After delivery of the machine, it was set up with the help of Neudert in its air-conditioned rooms, fine-tuned by our customer's specialists and the machine has been producing successfully ever since.

Due to the increasing demand for special ball bearings, an identical second machine was ordered by our customer after a few years and runs just as successfully with Neudert. We are proud of such a satisfied customer.

Neudert - special grinding machines for ball bearing production - so that everything runs smoothly.