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Thermoforming set

Neudert - your specialist for thermoforming tools for plastic film forming

A customer approached us with the task of having a thermoforming machine in the house. This machine has been running with a tool for several years, but now he wants to introduce a different, new shape to the market. Parts to be packed on this machine.

The manufacturer of the machine still exists, but for personal reasons he does not want to order a thermoforming set from this company. His request was whether we could not use the old thermoforming set as a sample to make a new set for his machine.

A thermoformed set includes the film heater suitable for the mold, the thermoformed tool with integrated cooling system, the blow box with pre-stretching dies, and the sealing tool with the lower part of the sealing mold. The complete construction was carried out in our house based on the samples provided, the complete production of the parts. Includes suitable surface treatments such as anti-stick coatings for the sealing tool. The complete electrical assembly was also carried out in our house, the customer received a complete thermoforming set, ready for installation for his machine, which is now used in alternation with the old mold, depending on which product is being driven.

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